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The Vicious Cycle

The Vicious Cycle

Dutchmann’s latest project, The Vicious Cycle, is a collaboration between retired frame-builder Duncan MacIntyre and composite specialist Anton Dekker.

The hand-brazed frame is made from 653 Columbus steel tubing renowned for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and flexing properties suitable for track racing. The frame was stripped and coppered by Gavin Oliver, provided with black lacquer detailing by Malcolm Sampson and rebuilt by Timothy Abbot using a range of classic and contemporary components including 3T, Campagnolo, Vredenstein, Cinelli and Brooks.

The Vicious Cycle logo was designed by Gustav Greffrath. Hand-drawn with purposeful reference to the hybrid classic/contemporary nature of the project, the logo speaks of movement, speed and craftsmanship.

The Vicious cycle is available in an edition of 10, hand-built using original MacIntyre frames, Dekker Tri-spoke wheels & select contemporary components priced at $4,800/R47,500. Enquire here.

For more information and images, visit dutchmann.co.za